• Cooperative Development
  • Cooperative Theory and Approaches in multi-sectors
  • Cooperative Development of Cocoa & Coffee Coops
  • Overseas Cooperative Development Evaluations
  • Proposal Writing
  • USAID and Foreign Assistance
  • Small sailboat racing


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Expert in International Cooperative Development


Mr. Weihe has developed proposals and cooperative projects in over 40 developing and transitional countries.  He has published numerous articles and documents concerning cooperative development, and lectures on fAir trade and other cooperative subjects.


Theodore Weihe holds degree in Foreign service from Georgetown University and a Masters in Planning from the University of Virginia.  


For five years, He managed a cocoa cooperative development project in the Dominican republic, ecuador and peru until November 2015.  his specialties are project design, evaluation and project management. He now provides consulting services on member equity for the project.